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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find specific answers for various questions. If you can´t find the answer you are looking for, please give us a call: +49 (0)511-56780020.


What are the costs if I want to make an amendment or cancel?

Fees for cancelling a rental car from TUI CARS:

Amendments and cancellations will be made free of charge provided you inform us at least 24 hours before the start of the rental. After this point in time a fee of 80% of the rental price will be charged. You will not be entitled to a refund if you reduce the length of the rental period after you have picked up the vehicle. We cannot accept any agreements made at the place of rental.

Cancellation fees for EagleRider motorcycles:

Cancellation fee before the start of rental:

more than 30 days before rental: free of charge

from 30th day before rental: 40% of the price

from 24th day before rental: 50% of the price

from 17th day before rental: 60% of the price

from 10th day before rental: 80% of the price

from 3rd day before rental or in event of not picking up the motorcycle: 95% of the rental price.

How is the amount of deposit calculated for the car rental?

The amount of deposit you have to pay is indicated in the Terms and Conditions of Rental. Generally the amount of the deposit is equivalent at least to the price of a tank full of petrol plus the amount of personal excess. Note that in some countries the deposit must be made by means of a normal bank credit card, whereby the driver must be the holder of the card.

Please take note of the Terms and Conditions of Rental of the respective provider.

Are there any additional costs?

No, our prices are inclusive prices.

Extra services such as personal and passenger insurance, child seats, roof racks and one-way rentals are generally charged extra at the place of rental and must be paid for locally to the provider.

What methods can I use to pay?

Payment can be made by credit card – TUI Card, VISA, Eurocard, American Express, Diners Club etc. – or by direct debit.


What is the procedure for getting the excess amount repaid?

In the event of any damage to the car please note the following procedure:

  • Inform the rental office immediately
  • If someone else is involved in the accident call the police immediately and get them to prepare a police report
  • When you return the vehicle get the rental office staff to issue and sign a damage report

In order to obtain repayment of the personal excess you must submit the following documents:

  • Holiday confirmation
  • Copy of the rental contract
  • Damage and police report
  • Proof of payment (receipt or proof that a credit card has been charged)

In the following cases repayment of the excess amount is excluded:

  • If the damage was caused by disregarding the rental conditions
  • If it is a case of grossly negligent action or drink-driving
  • For a lost or damaged car key
  • For costs that arise as a result of damage to the clutch caused by incorrect use
  • For damage to the vehicle interior
  • For costs that arise as a result of filling the wrong type of fuel
  • For items that have been damaged or stolen from the vehicle
  • For follow-up costs, such as towing or telephone costs, cost of overnight stay in hotel
  • For any charges made by the rental company for processing the damage

Likewise a refund cannot be made when the main damage is not settled by the insurance in the destination. This applies to technical faults on the vehicle and in cases of gross negligence.

Is there any extra insurance cover included in the price?

Extra insurance is already included in the price in some countries, whereas in other countries it can be taken out for an additional fee when you pick up the vehicle in the destination. Basis for the insurance cover are the local laws and the contract conditions. Refer to the information on your TUI CARS rental voucher for the costs that will be due in at the place of rental.

Pauschalreiseschutz bei TUI CARS

Mit einer Mietwagenbuchung bei TUI CARS sind Sie immer auf der sicheren Seite. Zur Einführung des neuen EU-Pauschalreiserechts, das am 1. Juli 2018 in Kraft tritt, haben wir beschlossen, Veranstalterleistungen sowie bestimmte Einzelleistungen aus dem TUI Programm mit zusätzlichen Leistungen und Pauschalreiseschutz anzubieten. Buchen Sie bei uns beispielsweise nur ein Hotel, einen Mietwagen oder eine Rundreise sind Sie dennoch gegen den Insolvenzfall sowie in Krisensituationen abgesichert. Dafür haben wir für Sie das TUI PLUS PAKET aufgelegt, das für Sie automatisch bei jeder Buchung dabei ist.

Zu den Leistungen des TUI PLUS PAKETs gehören eine persönliche oder multimediale TUI Betreuung zu jeder Zeit für Fragen und Anliegen zu Ihrer Reise, Ihr Informationsportal MEINE TUI mit wertvollem Reisewissen rund um Ihren Urlaub, digitalem Reiseführer und Landkarten sowie SMS-Assistent und professionelles Krisenmanagement für Ihre sichere Reise. Das TUI PLUS PAKET buchen Sie bei Einzelleistungen oder Paketbuchungen aus dem Reiseprogramm der TUI Deutschland (Marken TUI, 1-2-Fly und airtours) automatisch mit.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier. Keine Zusatzkosten für Sie: Wer bei uns heute und zukünftig eine Reise bucht, zahlt genau den Preis, der am Tag der Buchung auf der Rechnung steht. Auf die neue gesetzliche Möglichkeit, die Reisepreise bei gestiegenen Kosten nachträglich um bis zu acht Prozent anzupassen, wird TUI verzichten.


When you book a hire car with TUI CARS you are always on the safe track. With the coming into effect of the new EU Package Travel Directive on 1 July 2018 we decided to offer tour operator services and certain individual services from the TUI offering with additional services and package travel protection. For instance, if you only book a hotel, a hire car or a circular tour, you are nevertheless protected in the case of insolvency or crisis events. That is why we created the TUI PLUS PACKAGE, which is automatically part and parcel of every booking.

The TUI PLUS PACKAGE includes personal or multimedia TUI customer care and attention at any time for questions and issues related to your travel, access to your information portal MY TUI, which offers valuable travel information, a digital travel guide and maps, as well as an SMS Assistant, on request, and professional crisis management to ensure that you are safe and sound when travelling and on holiday. The TUI PLUS PACKAGE is automatically included in your booking when you book individual components or package travel offerings from TUI Deutschland’s travel programme (brands: TUI, 1-2-Fly and airtours).

You can find more detailed information here. With TUI CARS there are no extra or hidden costs: If you book with us today or in the future, you pay exactly the price as stated on the day of the booking. TUI waives the right it could have in line with new legislation to be able to increase the price by up to eight percent to cover increased costs.


New travel legislation came into force on 1 July 2018. It is actually an update and extension of the 2015 Package Travel Directive. The EU is providing consumers with better protection. To give you full transparency about your rights regarding your booked travel, the EU has developed forms for travel packages and related travel services. We provide the forms to you before you complete your booking. The forms can be found in the national act that implements the EU Package Travel Directive. The new law gives you, as a consumer, more extensive rights in relation to the information on the services booked, the reporting of claims for defects, tour operator liability, and the assistance your tour operator has to provide.


What is included?

Our prices as a rule include the following services*:

  • Fully comprehensive cover is included in the rental price together with a refund of the personnel excess in all countries – (except for Cuba). Damage to tyres, glass, the roof and underbody is likewise covered (unless the damage was caused by gross negligence or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs).
  • Theft cover is included in the rental price and covers theft of the vehicle. Not insured are items in the vehicle, such as sat navs and laptop computers.
  • Liability insurance is included in the price (except for Cuba) and covers personal injury, damage to property and financial loss to third parties. As the amount of cover provided differs from country to country the car rental price includes in some countries extra third-party insurance cover that takes effect after the liability insurance concluded with the rental company has been used up. The exact amounts of insurance cover are detailed in the relevant car rental terms and conditions of the respective rental company.
  • Unlimited mileage (except for Israel for 1-2 days rental, Austria category P, Australia/RedSpot category G and Australia/Europcar category H+K)
  • Airport collection/fees (except for Israel, Cuba and Cyprus)
  • Local taxes

* see the rental conditions referring to the specific country

Can I reserve a specific vehicle model?

Your booking refers to a vehicle group. The vehicle models illustrated in our offers represent solely examples of the performance and fittings of cars in each vehicle group.

Unfortunately we cannot confirm that you will be given a specific vehicle model.

Do I have to return the car with a full tank?

Yes, generally the car will be handed over to you with a full tank and you should return it with a full tank. If you return the car with a less than full tank you will be charged extra costs for the petrol used and for the service of refilling.

Alternatively there is the option in many countries to buy the first full tank of petrol. In this case you will be handed over the car with a full tank and can return it with an empty tank. You will not receive a refund for any petrol remaining in the tank.

How can I find the car rental office in the country I am travelling to?

You will find the address of the rental office at which you can pick up and return your car on the TUI CARS rental voucher which you were sent by email when you booked

What is the minimum age to drive?

The driver must as a rule be at least 21 years of age and have held a driving licence for at least one year.

Can other people drive the rented car?

Yes, however it is necessary to have the name(s) of any additional driver(s) included in the rental contract before you pick up the car. This can usually be done for a fee payable at the place of rental. Note that insurance cover exists only for the people whose names have been included in the rental contract.

What do I have to do in the event of a breakdown or an accident?

Usually our partners offer an emergency service around the clock. In the event of an accident notify the police immediately and make sure that a police report is prepared. When you return the vehicle get the rental office staff to issue and sign a damage report. Refer to your travel documents for further information.