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Vehicle categories

Small compact

Fast, spontaneous and uncomplicated. In this category you rent a car ranging from the smallest models (e.g. Nissan Micra) up to the compact class (e.g. VW Polo). The economical small-compact category from TUI Cars is suitable for up to 4 or a maximum of 5 persons. The amount of storage space is significantly smaller than that in other categories and is sufficient for either one large or two small cases, depending on the model.


Cars in this category will satisfy many of your needs. The VW Passat, for instance is – as is the case with all other cars in this category – ideally fitted out with air conditioning and almost every comfort.


If you need one vehicle for a range of purposes then choose a car from the Minibus category, which provides plenty of space and comfort for up to 9 people. In these spacious vehicles, for example the VW Sharan, small as well as big passengers travel comfortably owing to the large room in the second row.


When the weather is fine enjoy the feeling of absolute driving freedom with the roof down. In the Convertible category we offer you a wide range of two and four-seater models. We recommend renting a car of this category for a maximum of two people.


Enjoy your holiday at the highest standard. This category of cars features elegance and exquisite driving comfort that satisfies every whim.

Off-road / SUV

If on holiday you want to discover Australia, Africa or South America up close then the best choice is to drive around in an off-road vehicle. The rental cars (4x4) have 4-wheel drive and tyres specially developed for rough tracks. Anyone who likes the off-road look and at the same time does not want to miss the comfort of a limousine then the ideal choice must be an SUV.
Kleinwagen - TUI Cars
Mittelklasse - TUI Cars
Minibus - TUI Cars
Cabrio - TUI Cars
Luxus - TUI Cars
SUV - TUI Cars

Can I rent specific vehicle models?

No, the illustrated models serve as an example. Due to the fact that the car rental companies in their fleets have different models of comparable sizes, a certain vehicle type can not be guaranteed. The categorization of the vehicles takes place according to equipment and performance and not according to luggage compartment size.