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Fines abroad - What is the cost of street traffic?

Vacation time is rental car time: With all the nice impressions during the sprint with the rental car, the one or other mistake may happen. A quick photo here, a brief visit there. Not always is a proper parking to the place. The following penalties and / or fines are very different from country to country but in the basic ideas all correct and to keep.

In order to spare the search for the list of penalties, we took the trouble to list all the larger holidaymakers with the typical penalties and the amount of the fines, as of June 2016.

The infographic "fines abroad", with the source, can be distributed as a JPG file.

Data and sources

All data are translated and copied from the respective foreign catalogs of fines (as at 06/2016). All statements without guarantee. For further information, please refer to the following sources:

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