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Planning a carefree road trip

You want to experience Australia‘s unforgettable nature and Aussie hospitality and visit breath-taking beaches? What kind of car is the best for your trip – this is the question you might want to discuss with your co-travellers. What are your expectations?

Explore down under safely and flexibly by car

You can rest assured that you are definitely fully covered for all eventualities by booking a hire car with TUI Cars for your Australian road trip. This means you can relax and focus on the trip. Thanks to our renowned partners EUROPCAR and REDSPOT, we can offer our customers an all-round carefree package with the following inclusive features:

  • Fully comprehensive insurance with reimbursement of excess
  • Vehicle theft protection
  • Liability insurance for personal injury, property damage and financial loss to third parties with an increased coverage of 7.5 million euros
  • Customer-friendly tank arrangement (full/full)
  • Online check-in option with EUROPCAR

24-hour free booking amendment and cancellation

You spontaneously decide on a different route and want to change the pick-up office?
At TUI Cars you have flexible control over your trip in Australia before you start. With us you can amend the booking or even cancel the booking for free up to 24 hours before picking up the vehicle.

Important: check availability of one-way rentals in advance

You have planned the route. You have put the top Australian highlights on the itinerary. You have chosen the location where you want to pick up the car. You probably want to drop off the car at a different location. As a rule, this means paying a one-way rental fee. Depending on the car hire company, this can cost a lot and is normally payable on the spot at the office. In some cases, one-way rentals are free.
To avoid any unpleasant surprises always check out the car hire conditions, the availability of one-way rentals and any associated costs. The latter can vary a lot, depending on region, route and season. As a rule, the one-way rental is an option you request after making a booking and is usually confirmed by email at the latest three days after the booking. You can contact the car rental company directly by email to inquire about the exact amount of any surcharge. If a one-way rental option is not available for the booked route, you will get a cancellation email at the latest three days later. 

How about exploring down under in a passenger van or camper?

On the road with a roof over your head. Being able to stop off where you want when you want, especially if you discover an outstandingly beautiful spot – surrounded by nature, with nobody to be seen or heard for miles. Above all backpackers in Australia love camper van or mobile home road trips. Because, no matter where you are, you decide how and where the journey goes. In a camper the world is your oyster. You can enjoy a bedroom, kitchen and comprehensive facilities on board in the company of the fantastic landscapes that characterise Australia.
So if you are after an intensive and extraordinary communion with a nature, wildlife and amazing landscapes and highly value flexibility on holiday, then you should definitely hire a camper or mobile home. The choice of category depends on the size of your party and the route. TUI Campers offers you the most suitable camper and a variety of packages and inclusive features. You decide on the camper that suits you and your trip.

Very popular with the young: cheap campers from JUCY

Above all young travellers and backpackers love campers from JUCY. Their camper vans are perfect for exploring the exciting wilderness that Australia offers. The best choice for travellers touring on a small budget.: TUI Campers offers all-inclusive camper packages – at a low price. Search for your camper now.
Discover the most beautiful routes flexibly in the knowledge you are covered by an all-round carefree package.

Carefree, practical, cheap: hire JUCY campers from age 18

At TUI Campers you will find cool campers with inclusive complete packages. Forget the hassle of negotiating the complex insurance issues. All you have to do is meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 and possess a valid category B driving licence and a valid international driving permit
  • Present original ID and/or passport
  • Present a credit card at the pickup office for the deposit

Overview of the advantages

  • Unlimited mileage 
  • 24-hour breakdown service 
  • Fully comprehensive insurance with excess refund (for damage covered by the policy) 
  • As good as new, high quality equipment and fittings 
  • Low fuel consumption, high manoeuvrability – also suitable for driving in town

Let’s get JUCY

We also offer the best deals from JUCY– the low-cost camper and car hire company – in New Zealand. If you book a hire car for a route from South Island to North Island, the ferry is free. JUCY pays. How good is that?